World War II Decipher the Code Puzzle | Student Handouts
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World War II - Decipher the Code
Printable Decipher the Code Puzzle Worksheet on World War II in World History - Scroll Down to Print
Free Printable Decipher the Code Puzzle for Teachers and Students
1. Haile 19-5-12-1-19-19-9-5 was ruler of Ethiopia at the time of the Italian invasion.
2. Hitler explained his plans and motivations in his book 13-5-9-14   11-1-13-16-6.
3. A 19-1-14-3-20-9-15-14 is a penalty imposed by one or more countries against another.
4. Germany 1-14-14-5-24-5-4 the Sudetenland in 1938.
5. Axis leaders saw the Spanish Civil War as 16-18-1-3-20-9-3-5 for World War II.
6. The 1-14-19-3-8-12-21-19-19 was the union of Austria with Germany in 1938.
7. 1-16-16-5-1-19-5-13-5-14-20 is the avoidance of war by submitting to the demands of an aggressor.
8. Hitler and Stalin divided 16-15-12-1-14-4 between themselves with the Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939.
9. Japan seized 13-1-14-3-8-21-18-9-1 in 1931.
10. Edouard 4-1-12-1-4-9-5-18 was the leader of France in 1938.
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