World History Powerpoints with Guided Notes for High School | Student Handouts
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World History Powerpoints for High School
Free World History Powerpoints for Junior and Senior High School - AP, Honors, and Regular 7-12 Classes
These are our free powerpoint presentations with guided student notes for high school World History teachers and students, from the earliest humans, through ancient civilizations, to the present day. You can find even more educational materials, including outlines, worksheets, maps, pictures, and more powerpoints, by browsing our World History listings by topic. By the way, many of these also work for AP European History.
Congress of Vienna Powerpoint Presentation with Guided Student Notes  (PPT/PPTX/PDF)
Chinese Dynasties History PowerPoint
History of Ancient Crete PowerPoint Presentation
The Barbarian Invasions: The Migration Period in Europe, 300-700 C.E. - PowerPoint Presentation
Overview of India's History PowerPoint
Free World History Powerpoints for High School with Guided Student Notes
Alexander the Great of Macedon PowerPoint
Overview of India's History PowerPoint
Civil War in Rome and the End of the Roman Republic PowerPoint
First Industrial Revolution Powerpoint
Napoleonic Era Powerpoint
Industrial Revolution Powerpoint with Guided Student Notes
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