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Burghers of Calais (1346) - History Workbook
The Siege of Calais (1346) was a pivotal battle in the Hundred Years' War of the European Middle Ages. Learn about how England's Edward III and Queen Philippa dealt with the proposed martyrdom of the city's prominent citizens. This workbook is twelve pages in length and includes questions and activities. Excerpt:

Edward III, after the battle of Crecy, laid siege to Calais. He had fortified his camp in so impregnable a manner, that all the efforts of France proved ineffectual to raise the siege, or throw succors into the city. The citizens, under Count Vienne, their gallant governor, made an admirable defense. France had now put the sickle into its second harvest, since Edward, with his victorious army, sat down before the town. The eyes of all Europe were intent on the issue.

At length, famine did more for Edward than arms. After suffering unheard of calamities, the French resolved to attempt the enemy’s camp. They boldly sallied forth. The English joined battle. After a long and desperate engagement, Count Vienne was taken prisoner, and the citizens who survived the slaughter retired within their gates. The command devolving upon Eustace St. Pierre, a man of mean birth, but of exalted virtue, he offered to capitulate with Edward, provided he permitted them to depart with life and liberty.
The Burghers of Calais - History Workbook - Free to print (PDF file) for grades seven through twelve.
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Answer Key: (1) Crecy, (2) Count Vienne, (3) Eustace St. Pierre, (4) Six of Calais' principal citizens were to be given up to him for execution, (5) St. Pierre's son and three of his kinsmen, (6) A - True, (7) B - False, (8) Queen Philippa, (9) Answers will vary, (10) Answers will vary, (11) H - imputation, (12) M - siege, (13) A - atonement, (14) D - consternation, (15) F - expedient, (16) I - ineffectual, (17) B - calamities, (18) K - oblation, (19) E - devolving, (20) J - magnanimity, (21) L - sallied, (22) C - capitulate, (23) G - impregnable, (24) D - Paris, (25) C - English Channel, (26) On map, southwest of Dunkerque, (27) H - lamentation, (28) L - sufficiently, (29) K - piqued, (30) B - bespoke, (31) A - apprized, (32) C - burghers, (33) F - indelible, (34) I - martyrdom, (35) M - virtue, (36) E - eminently, (37) J - obligation, (38) D - consummate, (39) G - indispensably . Click here to print. This free printable "Burghers of Calais" workbook covering the European Middle Ages for World History is designed for students in grades 7-12.
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