Industrial Revolution Printable Worksheets | Student Handouts
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Industrial Revolution Printable Worksheets
This page highlights our stand-alone printables for junior and senior high school students studying the Industrial Revolution in a World History course. There are DBQ worksheets, charts, essay questions, puzzles, and more. If you're looking for our free outlines or powerpoints on the Industrial Revolution, click here.
DBQ - The History of Cotton Manufacture in Great Britain by Edward Bains, 1835
Industrial Revolution Causes and Effects Chart
DBQ - The Old Red Sandstone by Hugh Miller, 1841
T-Chart - Unionization: Employer and Union Weapons
Word Search Puzzle - The Industrial Revolution
T-Chart - The Industrial Revolution: Domestic System vs. Factory System
Essay Questions - Economic and Social Revolutions #1
T-Chart - Pivotal Events in the Industrial Revolution
T-Chart - Pivotal Events in the Movement for Women's Rights
DBQ - Mary Barton by Elizabeth Gaskell, 1848
Essay Questions - Economic and Social Revolutions #2
First Industrial Revolution Quiz with 33 Multiple-Choice Questions
Second Industrial Revolution Quiz with 14 Multiple-Choice Questions
Essay Questions - Economic and Social Revolutions #3
DBQ/Examining Primary Sources - Seneca Falls Convention, Declaration of Sentiments
T-Chart - Pivotal Events in the Development of Medicine
DBQ/Examining Primary Sources - A New England Girlhood by Lucy Larcom, 1889
DBQ/Examining Primary Sources - Emmeline Pankhurst, Why We Are Militant
Essay Questions - Economic and Social Revolutions #4
Causes and Effects Chart - Women's Suffrage
Industrial Revolution Books and Films Industrial Revolution Outlines and Powerpoints
Industrial Revolution Online Study Games Industrial Revolution Maps and Pictures
Industrial Revolution Miscellany Industrial Revolution Worksheets