United States History: Reconstruction to the Present (2008)
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United States History:
Reconstruction to the Present
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This popular textbook features "Checkpoint" questions throughout the text which help students' reading comprehension and reinforce the basic information being covered within each small unit.  We use these sheets frequently in class to get students reading.  That is, students read until they have answered the first question; discussion follows.  Students read again until they have answered the second question; discussion follows.  You get the idea.  The "Terms and People" can be answered in or out of class.  They are numbered by chapter and section (e.g., 1.1 refers to Chapter One, Section One).

Note: These questions and terms are taken directly from the textbook, and answers can be found in the teacher edition.  We do not claim this intellectual property as our own; we simply created printable sheets that are easy to use with students in or out of the classroom.
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