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Chemistry Lab Word Search Puzzles
Chemistry Lab Word Search Puzzles - Free to print (PDF files).
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Word Search #1 - This printable word search puzzle features common terms used in association with a chemistry lab, including: acid, burner, copper, experiment, hydrometer, potassium, solution, beaker, chemical, electrode, gas, litmus paper, scale, sulfur, Bunsen, chlorine, element, goggles, microscope, slide, and thermometer. Click here to print this worksheet. Click here for the answer key.
Word Search #2 - Free printable word search puzzle featuring common terms used in a chemistry lab, including: base, bromine, burette, chart, clamp, cylinder, faucet, hood, iodine, liquid, manual, partner, pipette, salts, sink, sodium, solid, stand, test tube, water. Click here to print. Click here for the answer key.
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