The Tudors and the English Reformation Image Gallery
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The Royal House of Tudor and the English Reformation

Tudor Dynasty Image Gallery: Click on an image for a larger version and description.  Protestant Reformation

  Henry VII of England       Catherine of Aragon    
  Henry VII   Prince Arthur   Henry VIII   Catherine of Aragon   Anne Boleyn  
  Tudor Coat-of-Arms       Mary Tudor, Queen of France   Holy Roman Emperor Charles V of Spain (1500-1558)  
  Tudor Coat-of-Arms   Mary I ("Bloody Mary")   Elizabeth I   Mary Tudor, Queen of France   Charles V of Spain  
  Mary Boleyn   Charles Brandon   Cardinal John Fisher     Jane Seymour  
  Mary Boleyn   Charles Brandon   John Fisher   Thomas More   Jane Seymour  
  England's Wars of the Roses - York and Lancaster                  
  Wars of the Roses