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Thomas Alva Edison Coloring Page
Historical Figures > Historical Figures with "E" Names > Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)
Thomas Alva Edison free printable coloring sheet for kids with handwriting practice.
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The inventor who perfected the electric light bulb and invented the phonograph (among other things)! Click here to print with "Thomas Alva Edison" in print manuscript font. Click here to print with "Thomas Alva Edison" in cursive script font.
UNIT I: Early America   UNIT IX: Discontent and Reform
UNIT II: Colonial Period   UNIT X: War, Prosperity, and Depression
UNIT III: American Revolution   UNIT XI: New Deal and World War II
UNIT IV: New National Government   UNIT XII: Postwar America
UNIT V: Westward Expansion   UNIT XIII: Decades of Change
UNIT VI: Sectional Conflict   UNIT XIV: New Conservatism
UNIT VII: Civil War and Reconstruction   UNIT XV: Into the Twenty-first Century