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United States Geography Primary Worksheet
Printable Activity Worksheet for World Geography > North America > United States of America
United States Geography Primary Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file) for kindergarten and first grade.
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The United States of America is a country comprised of fifty (50) states. Forty-eight (48) of the states are contiguous (connected). Two of the states are not contiguous (not connected); these are Alaska and Hawaii. The U.S.A. touches two oceans--the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Click here to print this worksheet.
Extension activities: #1 Explain that Alaska and Hawaii are further away (and different sizes), but are typically pictured closer to the contiguous states for practical sizing reasons. #2 Point out the students' home state, perhaps having the kids color and label it. #3 Indicate the locations of the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. #4 To help encourage kids to remember a "big" word like contiguous, mention that many adults are unfamiliar with the term. Ask kids to use the word at home, because you'll be polling the class the next day in order to find out how many people know what contiguous means. (Trust us...this trick works! They'll be asking parents and older siblings, who often won't know the term, and will proudly announce this fact to the class. Asking parents and siblings will reinforce knowledge of the term's meaning.)
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