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Major Battles of the Revolutionary War Printable Outline
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Major Battles of the Revolutionary War Printable Outline - Free to print (PDF file) for American History classes. From Lexington and Concord to the Treaty of Paris.
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Lexington and Concord (April 19, 1775)

Location: Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts

Significance: The first military engagements of the American Revolution. British forces attempted to seize colonial munitions, leading to skirmishes at Lexington and Concord. "The shot heard 'round the world" marked the beginning of the war.

Bunker Hill (June 17, 1775)

Location: Breed's Hill, near Boston, Massachusetts

Significance: A significant early battle where American forces fortified Breed's Hill, engaging the British in fierce combat. Although the British ultimately won, the battle demonstrated American resolve and inflicted heavy casualties on the British.

Saratoga (1777)

Location: Saratoga, New York

Significance: A turning point in the war. American forces, led by General Horatio Gates and Benedict Arnold, defeated British General John Burgoyne. This victory encouraged France to formally ally with the American colonies

Trenton (December 26, 1776) and Princeton (January 3, 1777)

Location: Trenton and Princeton, New Jersey

Significance: Two successful surprise attacks by General George Washington's forces against Hessian and British troops during the winter of 1776-1777. These victories boosted American morale.

Brandywine (September 11, 1777) and Germantown (October 4, 1777)

Location: Brandywine Creek, Pennsylvania (Brandywine); Germantown, Pennsylvania (Germantown)

Significance: Battles in which British forces, led by General William Howe, defeated General George Washington's Continental Army. These engagements allowed the British to capture Philadelphia, then the American capital.

Savannah (1778) and Charleston (1780)

Location: Savannah, Georgia (Savannah); Charleston, South Carolina (Charleston)

Significance: British victories in the Southern theater of the war. They captured key southern cities, weakening American control in the region.

Cowpens (January 17, 1781) and Guilford Courthouse (March 15, 1781)

Location: Cowpens, South Carolina (Cowpens); Guilford County, North Carolina (Guilford Courthouse)

Significance: American victories led by General Nathanael Greene and Daniel Morgan. These battles marked a resurgence of American forces in the South.

Yorktown (September 28-October 19, 1781)

Location: Yorktown, Virginia

Significance: The decisive battle of the American Revolution. American and French forces, under General Washington and French General Rochambeau, laid siege to British General Cornwallis' forces. Cornwallis surrendered, effectively ending the war.

Treaty of Paris (1783)

Significance: Not a battle but a diplomatic agreement. The Treaty of Paris officially ended the American Revolution and recognized the independence of the United States from Britain.
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