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World History: The Modern Era

Discovery School/Pearson/Prentice Hall's World History: The Modern Era  © 2007
Review Unit
Review Unit, Part 1: A Global View: Early Civilizations
Review Unit, Part 2: A Global View: Empires of the Ancient World
Review Unit, Part 3: A Global View: Regional Civilizations
Unit 1: Early Modern Times (1300-1800)
Chapter 1: The Renaissance and Reformation (1300-1650)
Chapter 2: The Beginnings of Our Global Age: Europe, Africa, and Asia (1415-1796)
Chapter 3: The Beginnings of Our Global Age: Europe and the Americas (1492-1750)
Chapter 4: The Age of Absolutism (1550-1800)
Unit 2: Enlightenment and Revolution (1700-1850)
Chapter 5: The Enlightenment and the American Revolution (1700-1800)
Chapter 6: The French Revolution and Napoleon (1750-1850)
Chapter 7: The Industrial Revolution Begins (1750-1850)
Chapter 8: Revolutions in Europe and Latin America (1790-1848)
Unit 3: Industrialism and a New Global Age (1800-1914)
Chapter 9: Life in the Industrial Age (1800-1914)
Chapter 10: Nationalism Triumphs in Europe (1800-1914)
Chapter 11: Growth of Western Democracies (1815-1914)
Chapter 12: The New Imperialism (1800-1914)
Chapter 13: New Global Patterns (1800-1914)
Unit 4: World Wars and Revolutions (1910-1955)
Chapter 14: World War I and the Russian Revolution (1914-1924)
Chapter 15: Nationalism and Revolution around the World (1910-1939)
Chapter 16: The Rise of Totalitarianism (1919-1939)
Chapter 17: World War II and Its Aftermath (1931-1955)
Unit 5: The World since 1945 (1945-Present)
Chapter 18: The Cold War (1945-1991)
Chapter 19: New Nations Emerge (1945-Present)
Chapter 20: Regional Conflicts (1945-Present)
Chapter 21: The Developing World (1945-Present)
Chapter 22: The World Today

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