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History through Pictures
Free Image Gallery for Kids and Teachers
These images come from Outline of History by H.G. Wells. The captions are original, and reflect the time during which the book was written. Our apologies to anyone who is offended. Despite the captions, the book itself is quite liberal and forward-thinking.
Life in the Early Paleozoic
Geologic Timeline
Swamp Forest of the Carboniferous Age
Australian Lung Fish Breathing Air
Some Reptiles of the Late Paleozoic Age
Some Mesozoic Reptiles
Some Late Mesozoic Reptiles
Some Oligocene Mammals
Miocene Mammals
Geological Timeline
Early Pleistocene Animals
Map of Europe and Western Asia during the Fourth Ice Age (ca. 50,000 Years Ago)
Neanderthal Man
Paleolithic Stone Tools
Map of Australia and the Western Pacific in the Glacial Age
Cro-Magnon Man
Map of Europe and Western Asia in the Late Paleolithic (ca. 35,000-25,000 years ago)
Reindeer Age Articles
Reindeer Cave Painting
Aurignacian Engravings and Carvings
Neolithic Implements
Lake Dweller Pottery
Neolithic Statue
Bronze Age Implements
Timeline of Europe from Prehistory to the Twentieth Century
Australoid Types
Negro Types
Mongolian Types
Caucasian Types
Racial Map of Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa in the Forest (Fluvial) Period
The Swastika
Diagram of the Relationship of Human Races
Diagram Indicating the Possible Development of Languages
Racial types According to the Ancient Egyptians
Map of the Cradle of Western Civilization
Sumerian Stone Carving
Assyrian Warrior
Timeline of Human Prehistory & Early History
Egyptian Hippopotamus Goddess
Map of the Cradle of Chinese Civilization
Ancient Nile River Boats
Ancient Egyptian Ship on the Red Sea
Map of Ancient Aegean Civilization
Minoan Snake Goddess
Ancient Pictographs
Egyptian Gods: Set, Anubis, Typhon, and Bes
Egyptian Deities: Thoth-lunus, Hathor (Isis), and Chnemu
An Assyrian King with His Chief Minister
Rameses III as Osiris
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