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Circle the Prepositions Worksheets
Students are asked to circle the preposition in each sentence.
Circle the Prepositions Worksheets - Free to print (PDF files). For grade one.
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Circle the Prepositions Worksheet #1 - Click here to print. This is a book of stamps. 2. It is said that trolls live under bridges. 3. I brushed my teeth after breakfast. 4. Place your pencil on your paper. 5. Your burrito is in the microwave. 6. This gift is for my mother. 7. I went shopping with my nana. 8. Sit between Hector and Luis. 9. This book was written by Jane Austen. 10. We have dinner at seven o'clock.
Circle the Prepositions Worksheet #2 - Click here to print. 1. He went to Germany. 2. She moved here from Liberia. 3. This book is about dinosaurs. 4. Clara went as a witch this Halloween. 5. Do not go into the haunted house! 6. This fabric is smooth like silk. 7. They walked through the maze. 8. Maria cannot live without video games. 9. Do your homework before watching cartoons. 10. He was pushed against the wall.
Circle the Prepositions Worksheet #3 - Click here to print. 1. Bruce cried during the movie. 2. Harriet ran out the door. 3. Let's walk over the bridge. 4. "Don't hang around bad kids," said his dad. 5. Is there honor among thieves? 6. I prefer hot dogs with only mustard. 7. This symphony was composed by Mozart. 8. Marco Polo traveled in China. 9. George Washington lived at Mount Vernon. 10. Remo lives around the corner.
CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.1.1.I: Use frequently occurring prepositions (e.g., during, beyond, toward).