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Free Educational Printables & More for K-12 Teachers & Students of All Subjects
Free Educational Materials for K-12 Teachers and Students of All Subjects
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"The Goose and the Common" Worksheet - This DBQ worksheet has students examine a popular seventeenth-century rhyme on the closing of the English commons. For high school World History.

Animal Blind Man's Buff Instructions - Fun outdoor game.

"Sleepy Time" Poem Worksheet for Kids - Students read the poem, draw a picture to illustrate it, match rhyming words, alphabetize words, describe the poem, and write the poem. Great for kids in grades 2-6.

Canadian Territories and Provinces ABC Order Game - Place the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada into correct alphabetical (ABC) order. This fun interactive game is great for second grade and up.

Brain Teasers Worksheet No. 9 - These head-scratchers will keep you busy for a while! This latest printable in our brain teasers collection features a rebus along with some riddles and scramblers.

Ancient Crete Energy Saver Game - This fun interactive quiz game on ancient Crete functions just like traditional hangman. Select letters to spell out the answer. Choose incorrectly, and deplete your energy level. This can be played individually or by teams.

United Arab Emirates Map Worksheet - Free printable worksheet for grades 7-12. Great way to teach geography.

Check out this selection of free printables and more for K-12 teachers and students.
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Brain Teasers Worksheet #12
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Brain Teasers Worksheet #11
The Goose and the Common Rhyme DBQ Worksheet
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