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Free Educational Printables & More for K-12 Teachers & Students of All Subjects
Free Educational Materials for K-12 Teachers and Students of All Subjects  
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Major Battles of the Revolutionary War Printable Outline - Free to print (PDF file) for junior and senior high school American History classes. From Lexington and Concord to the Treaty of Paris.

What does the president do? Reading with Questions - Free to print (PDF file) for Civics and American Government classes.

How has the internet changed the world? - Graphic organizer worksheet is free to print (PDF file). Students are tasked with completing this graphic organizer.

Frederick Douglass Reading with Questions - Free to print (PDF file). Frederick Douglass is celebrated for his significant impact on the abolitionist movement and his broader contributions to civil rights.

Gerrymandering Reading Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file) for Civics and American Government classes.

Cranks Reading with Questions Worksheet - Do your students watch too much pseudoscientific history and archaeology programming? Free to print (PDF file).

Did you discover our free printables while working as a substitute teacher? It is crucial that a substitute teacher be knowledgeable and prepared. When the regular classroom teacher is absent, it's important for the substitute to maintain continuity of learning. Students should not miss out on important instructional content or fall behind in their studies because the teacher is absent. Continue reading...
Check out this selection of free printables and more for K-12 teachers and students.
Government Reform Word Search Puzzle
A Stick or Stone Print Manuscript Handwriting Practice
First to Reach the Americas Reading with Questions
DIY Bulletin Board Calendar
Quality Teaching Tools - 100% Free Educational Materials
Go slowly. Stop accidents. Watch out for school children.
Templates and Directions for Printing on 3" x 3" Post-its
How I Organize My Day Worksheet
Sheet with 30 Rows
United States Trading Partners Chart Worksheet
Dashed Line Handwriting Practice Paper Printable Worksheet for Primary School Kids
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