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Welcome to Student Handouts!
Free Educational Printables & More for K-12 Teachers & Students of All Subjects
Free Educational Materials for K-12 Teachers and Students of All Subjects  
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Wyoming Notebooking Printable - Free to print (PDF file). Students research and report on the state of Wyoming.

Mississippi Facts Worksheet - Free notebooking worksheet to print (PDF file).

Denmark Map Worksheet - Free to print (PDF file). For World Geography classes.

Outline of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's New Deal Programs - Free to print (PDF file). Students complete this rough outline. Four pages or two double-sided sheets.

Outline of the Era of Spanish and Portuguese Exploration - Free printable (PDF file) for student note-taking in World History class, with room for students to write. Four pages or two double-sided sheets.

Mali Empire History Outline - Free to print (PDF file). For high school World History classes. Includes a version with space for student note-taking.

Did you discover our free printables while working as a substitute teacher? It is crucial that a substitute teacher be knowledgeable and prepared. When the regular classroom teacher is absent, it's important for the substitute to maintain continuity of learning. Students should not miss out on important instructional content or fall behind in their studies because the teacher is absent. Continue reading...
Check out this selection of free printables and more for K-12 teachers and students.
Germany Map Worksheet
Free Outlines and PowerPoint Presentations on Ancient Rome for High School World History or AP European History - Include Guided Student Notes
Blank DIY Vertical Concept Map
Battle of Wagram, 1809
Quality Teaching Tools - 100% Free Educational Materials
Washington State Notebooking Facts Sheet
Templates and Directions for Printing on 3" x 3" Post-its
United States in World War I Outline
Louvre Bust of Alexander the Great
Polynesia Word Search Puzzle
Charles V of Germany
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