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Free Educational Materials for K-12 Teachers and Students of All SubjectsCheck out some of our latest releases:

Revolution and Nationalism in Mexico Printable Pop Quiz - This test features fifteen multiple-choice questions, to be printed on one double-sided sheet of paper.

Independent Latin America Essay Questions - Worksheet with three brief writing exercises on Latin America following independence. For high school World History.

Reactionary Period Infographic Chart Worksheet - Students complete this table graph, identifying and describing leading groups and figures who fit each political ideology. For high school World History.

Civil War DBQ Worksheet - This double-sided worksheet of document-based questions features an excerpt from Hubert H. Harrison's The Negro and the Nation (1917). In it, Harrison gives an unconventional economic motive for the United States Civil War--that of a conflict between the institution of slavery and the rising dominance of capitalism. This handout is designed for high school students of American History.

Metternich Era PowerPoint Presentation for High School World History - Available in PPT, PPTX, and PDF versions, as well as a printable PDF with space for guided student notes.

Ottoman Empire Essay Questions - Here's a free sheet of writing exercises on the Ottoman empire, designed for high school World History students.

Quality Teaching ToolsClick for some of our most popular web pages:

Attendance Forms Everything from printable student sign-in sheets to a DIY attendance book.

Substitute Teaching Kit Absent for the day? Covering for an absent teacher? We have everything you need to have a great day with plenty of effective learning.

High School World History PowerPoints We have lots of PowerPoint presentations, all free, on most topics studied in high school World History classes.
Check out this selection of free printables and more for K-12 teachers and students.
3-2-1 Closure Activity Worksheet
Campaign Poster Templates for K-12
Civil Leaders DIY Chart Worksheet for Elementary Students
USA Geography Online Games
Free Printable Blank Monthly Calendars
John Locke DBQ on Two Treatises of Government (1690)
Social Media Madness #2 - Free printable grammar and punctuation worksheet for high school English classes.
Free Outlines and PowerPoint Presentations on Ancient Rome for High School World History or AP European History - Include Guided Student Notes
Lower Elementary Workbooks for American History
French Revolution PowerPoint Presentation with Guided Student Notes for High School
Free Printable APUSH Readings with Questions - Each Topic with Its Own Worksheet
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